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Apple Internal Modem Drivers

If you are having a problem maintaining a connection to InterMind on a Macintosh, this may fix the problem. Please make sure you have the latest modem firmware update .

These scripts are modified versions of the standard Apple CCL scripts (v1.2, 30 Oct 98) for the Apple internal 56k modem. They should work with the internal 56k modem in any Mac (PowerBook G3 Series, B&W G3, iMac, iBook, G4)

1a. For MacOS 8.5 & higher: Select any script(s) you want to test, and drag it/them onto the System Folder. MacOS will tell you they need to go into the Modem Scripts Folder, and asks if you want it to do that for you - click OK.

1b. For earlier MacOS versions: Open 'System Folder:Extensions:Modem Scripts Folder' and drag the scripts you want to test into that folder.

2. Now open the Modem control panel. Where it says "Modem:", click on the pull-down menu button - you'll see all the scripts in the Modem Scripts Folder, including the new ones you've just put there. Select the script you want to test, then close the control panel.

The '56K RB V.90 pref' version sets the modem to use V.90 as its preference. This can correct modems which have problems connecting and maintaining a connection.

56K RB V.90 pref Click Here to Download (.sit file)

The below scripts can be use for connections that can't hold the higher speeds, and may be more stable.

Apple Internal 42.6K RB Forces 42.6k connection rate.
Apple Internal 42.6K RB Click Here to Download (.sit file)

Apple Internal 41.3K RB Forces 41.3k connection rate.
Apple Internal 41.3K RB Click Here to Download (.sit file)

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