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Mac OSX Dial-UP Setup Instructions

  • Click the Apple Menu, select System Preferences

  • Click on the Network icon
  • For the Show option, choose Internal Modem
  • Click on the TCP/IP Tab
  • For Configure, choose Using PPP
  • Click on the PPP tab
  • In the Telephone Number field, type the local access number
  • In the Account Name field, type in your Las Vegas.Net.com email address
  • In the Password field, type in your password
  • Click the PPP Options button

  • Check the Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications box
  • Uncheck the Prompt to maintain connection box
  • Uncheck the Disconnect if idle box
  • Check the Disconnect when user logs out box
  • Click the OK button
  • Click on the Proxies tab

  • Uncheck all the boxes
  • Click on the Modem tab
  • Choose Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90) from the Modem menu
  • In the dialing section, select tone
  • Check the Show modem status in menu bar box
  • Click the Apply Now button

  • To connect to the internet, open up your internet browser (ie Internet Explorer or Netscape)


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