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Attention! LV.net - InterMind Security Bulletin

This security bulletin is in response to fraudulent emails that you might have received recently with the subject lines "Notify about your e-mail account utilization" or "Email account utilization warning". The emails appear to come from support@lv.net, support@intermind.net and staff@lv.net,staff@intermind.net. These emails falsely warn of "some attacks on your e-mail account". In fact, the messages themselves, which contain an attachment which you should NOT open, are malicious and bear a virus/trojan within the attached zip file. We do not notify our customers in this manner. Nor do we email file attachments and request that our customers open them. Please delete the email(s) immediately and disregard. Additionally you should never open file attachments when either the sender is unknown OR you do not know what the file attachment is.

The Internet can be an extremely dangerous place for your computer. Hackers, spyware, and viruses are among the potential threats that exist on the Internet.

Here at Intermind we believe the best defense against these threats is a good offense. Included on this page you will find the latest virus threats, graciously provided by the folks over at Symantec, as well as links to a few of the many different tools available to aid in keeping your surfing experience a safe and pleasant one.

With the sheer volume of new viruses that have been released in recent months, a good anti-virus program is essential for the protection of your computer. Two important features to look for in an anti-virus suite are automatic updating and a scanner for incoming and outgoing email messages. Most commercial anti-virus software includes these features and many more than we have space to cover. Two popular choices are Norton Antivirus from Symantec and McAfee VirusScan from McAfee Security, both are considered to be industry leaders and can be purchased from almost any software retailer.

A fairly new phenomenon to the Internet has been the advent of what is commonly referred to as spyware. Put simply, there are programs that can do a variety of nasty things such as track what web sites you visit, change your home page, or even download software without your knowledge. Though this is a prospect that is mildly terrifying at best, the solution is as simple as a spyware removal program such as Ad-aware or Spy Sweeper. This type of program will scan your entire computer for any of the known spyware and remove it.

Our final recommendation is to invest in a good firewall such as Zone Alarm from Zone Labs. A firewall, though the name sounds far more aggressive, is essentially like the front door to your home. Chances are, you lock the door to keep people from coming in when you don't want them to. The firewall does the same thing, only for your computer. You can still allow your friends (Internet Explorer, Instant Messenger and the like) in and out at will, but if a virus or worm comes knocking, the door is slammed shut.

Users of Microsoft Windows should make a point to visit Microsoft Windows Update and download the latest patches and updates for your particular version of Windows. Some versions of windows support Automatic Updates consult your Windows documentation for more information.

Microsoft Windows Update is an essential resource for keeping your computer protected with the latest patches and information. We recommend that you visit this site at least once a month if you are protected by a firewall, and more frequently if you are not.
Adaware by Lavasoft is another tool similar to Spysweeper, and is rapidly emerging as an industry standard.

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